The East Indian Community

Original Inhabitants of Bombay, Salsette & Thana.



450 gms rice flour

1 cup water

salt to taste



Boil the water and salt in a vessel then add the flour.

Insert a wooden stick into the flour and place the lid and allow to cook for 3 minutes. 

Stir the mixture on fire and empty the contents in a thala, knead with water to a dough. 

Form into balls and press with the hand on a board applying water when required. 

When the ‘apa’ is pressed fine and measures about 6 to 8 inches in diameter, it is placed in a “soop” (container). 

Heat a tava and bake on the right side then the other side, again bake on the right side till it puff up.




1 kg maida

3 eggs

a little salt

sugar to taste

juice of 1 small coconut

a handful of rice flour

1 tbsp. yeast



Knead the maida well with coconut juice, sugar, salt, rice flour. 

Add the beaten eggs and yeast. 

Flour should be thick and light enough to form balls. 

Leave it overnight to rise well. 

Next day pour enough oil in a deep vessel and when boiling throw the balls in, (formed by grasping dough with the left hand and squeezing it through the thumb and the fore finger). 

When brown remove with a  perforated spoon.



1/2kg Urad dal flour

1/2kg maida

1/2kg rice flour

100 gms sugar

2 tsps yeast or toddy

salt to taste



Mix at night.

In the morning  form rings of the mixture like doughnuts with a hole in the centre.

Drop in hot oil and deep fry.



1/2kg rice flour

100 gms sugar

1/2coconut juice or milk

2 tsps yeast or toddy

1/4kg maida

1 egg



Mix at night.

In the morning add coconut juice or milk so as to obtain a dripping consistency.

Place a cast iron chitap pan on a slow fire.

Dip a chopped onion stuck to a fork in a bowl of oil and lightly grease the chitap pan.

Spread the liquid mixture, a little at a time, in the pan and cover the pan with a  thali to retain the heat. 

After a few minutes the chitap is ready. 

Continue this process till all the batter is over.


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